Best Halloween song? 80’s inspired guitar riffs from Morning Gory

Best Halloween song – we did our best to write it… It was great fun to collaborate with singer-songwriter Daphne Sarnat on this cool Halloween song with 80’s inspired guitar riffs. It actually started as a conversation we had with the morning show in Absolute Radio. They were looking for contributors in the film industry and offered ourselves as film composer to their short horror Zombie movie.

Because horror songs like this one go well with tritone intervals and diminished chords I have used them extensively while composing it. Have a listen, share and buy for the great price of £0.666…

Guitar riffs of Morning Gory

If you area guitarist and like the guitar riffs. Here’s the TAB and score for the intro so you can play them yourself:

best Halloween song, morning gory, guitar riffs

Best Halloween song

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