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Guitar lessons North London – I’m a guitar teacher who teaches guitar in the Crouch End / Highgate area. Learn how to be a creative and expressive guitarist and write your original music, songs and compositions!

Udi Glaser creative guitar teacher north London

Guitar teacher North London

You’ve reached this page probably because you searched for “Guitar lessons North London”. Great! I am a guitar teacher in north London!

The guitar is objectively the most amazing musical instrument there is! And I love showing aspiring guitarists and musicians the sheer magic it can produce.

I’ve been teaching since 2002 and was happy to help guitar players in north London and around the world to take their first steps on the guitar or to improve their current skills. It’s always amazing to see the transformation.

As a teacher, I strive to help you reach whatever goals you may have on the guitar and become the best version of your creative self.

What you can learn from me on the guitar

I teach every little thing a guitarist should know, like the correct hand techniques, reading music, and music theory (in a very practical way). And can teach all styles, all guitars and all levels.

But most of all, my biggest passion and mission is to help you be more creative and expressive. And the guitar is the best way to achieve it, of course.

I encourage all my students to write music, improvise, and find their own path, voice, and sound on the guitar. Creating music is not only really fun but also the most valuable way to learn guitar and understand music on a deeper level.

My current guitar students range from complete beginners to advanced guitarists. They want to embrace the joy of music and unlock their creative potential by improvising, songwriting, and composing music.

Some of them work towards their diplomas and concerts, and I’m happy to support them along the journey and get great results.

I believe there are many paths to learning guitar, and I accommodate and design a plan according to your goals and needs. In the literature, it’s called “student-led”, and I am firmly convinced that this is the most suitable way to learn.

Adam, one of my guitar students, nominates me as the best guitar teacher of the year – in a cool and creative way!

I really enjoyed helping my guitar student Jacob who composes and releases his original guitar music!

Guitar learning is a never-ending musical journey

I picked up a guitar in 1991. So yeah, I’ve been playing for quite some time… Back then, I had some amazing guitar teachers who taught and inspired me so much.

One of them, Gilad Benamram (who’s now a famous film and TV composer), left the greatest impact on me. So when I became a guitar teacher, I wanted to adopt his unique teaching approach.

His method was to give creative guitar challenges and his positive feedback was very motivating and encouraged me to achieve more and more. And that’s my ultimate goal when I teach guitar.

Once I reached a decent level, I started to collaborate and play with other musicians, bands and ensembles. So over the years, I gained experience on stage as a performing guitarist and in the studio as a session player and recording artist.

Despite getting to a pro level, I kept on studying different aspects of guitar playing and music. I still do so until this very day as learning and living music is an ongoing part of my life.

Within this ongoing journey, I studied:

  • B.A. in Musicology & Philosophy.

  • Diploma in Sound Control.

  • Certificate in Orchestrating and Producing Music for Film and Games. (For which I was granted a scholarship by Jeff Beck, the well-known guitarist).

  • M.A. in Music Psychology (Distinction) where I conducted research on guitar creativity and found interesting results.

A unique online guitar studio

I give guitar lessons in north London – Crouch End, Highgate area. And am a registered guitar teacher in RGT@LCM – the Registry of Guitar Tutors at the London College of Music.

Since Covid, I’ve been teaching online guitar lessons and using a unique online studio. This studio called Muzzy is designed for music lessons and the audio quality is much better than Zoom. You can actually hear two guitars playing at the same time!

Guitar lessons in Crouch End and Highgate and online

On my online guitar studio, I can offer my services to my students who live across the world, from Portland to Singapore.

Of course, that’s how I also teach my London-based students. Even now, in 2022, they find this method efficient. There’s no travel time, no lateness, and the lessons’ recaps are stored in their own space in the online guitar studio. The studio is also a hosting platform where my students can upload videos and files to get my feedback in between lessons.

Want to hear more about my guitar lessons north London?

Drop me an email with any questions or to book a lesson: [email protected]

Or call on 07528-016-583

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