Guitar Accessories: Essential Pack

I searched Amazon for quality guitar accessories at a good price and came up with this essential pack which will be enough for beginners. Click on the images to purchase it directly from amazon:

1) Capo

The following Capo will do its job. Some cost around £20 but they’re not very different. It can work easily with any type of guitar.

2) Guitar stand

This simple guitar stand is very useful and can easily be folded.

3) Guitar footstool (or footrest)

A guitar footstool is essential for classical guitarists, but not only.

4) Music stand 

A music stand is another essential accessory for classical guitarists, but useful to all guitarists.

5) Guitar plectrum (or pick)

Undoubtedly Jazz III picks are my personal favourite. Their small, thick and last forever. A pack of 12 at this good price is just enough.

6) Guitar strap

After buying your picks, this strap holds them for you. Great idea!

7) Slide

Jim Dunlop’s Steel Slides are great. For beginners there’s no need to buy slides made of glass – they’ll break and your heart will break too…

8) Guitar tuner

Korg’s tuners are known to be a bit more precise. There are pricier Korg tuners but this one can do what it’s supposed to do.

9) Electric guitar strings 

Super Slinky are my favourite electric guitar strings. A more competitive option is to buy [eafl id=430 name=”amazon” text=”3 sets of strings”].

10) Acoustic guitar strings 

Elixir (11 gauge) are my favourite acoustic guitar strings (steel).

11) Classical guitar strings 

D’Addario Pro-Arté (normal tension) are my favourite classical guitar strings (nylon).

12) String winder and cutter

A winder saves a lot of time when you need to quickly change your guitar strings with less fuss and a cutter will get rid of those annoying (and sometimes dangerous) loose ends.

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